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Too good an idea to let go

April 1994. I was a PhD student at Brown University in computer science, building mobile robots and programming them to roll around. It was great fun to stay up all night hacking away at the code. Managing projects and going to robot contests was to me more fun than the mathematically-oriented artificial intelligence research I […]


Everything but the garage

Of course the idea involved computer games. Every programmer I knew wanted to want to write a computer game. So it’s was going to be a game… on the Internet. Right! It had to use the most cutting edge technology. If it weren’t a challenge, it wouldn’t be fun. At MIT, I had done a […]


An unusual way to raise money

September 1994 was almost the end of Johnny Monsarrat. I was walking in Providence, and suddenly an accident forced a car up onto the sidewalk. Bam! I went flying. Fortunately I survived, and thanks to the personal injury system I got $30,000. It wasn’t much, but it let me afford to become Turbine’s first full-time […]


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