Office Recreation

Here are some shots of the gang blowing off steam. The Mountain Dew Storage Center and Containment Facility was a joke about the "explosive energy" of this soda that the team would drink to keep themselves working late into the nights. Our plan was to create a floating raft of empty 2-liter bottles and sail across the Charles River, making a video and trying to get into a commercial or something. Unfortunately, we never washed the bottles out and even capped they attracted flies. Eventually the bottles were put into the back of Dan's truck and when we were all too busy to build the raft, he later dumped them. I hope he got the 5 cent refund for recycling them!

Artists: Ian and Cyril Van Der Haegen

Sean, Jeremy, Tim, and Dan

Artists: Joe Angell, and Sean Huxter who became Art Lead

Artist Mike Sheidow

Extra bottles that didn't fit

The Mountain Dew Storage Facilty
and Containment Center: this stack
was two-deep and eight feet high.