Expansion at Rehoboth

Camp Turbine at the Johnny Monsarrat household. As I mentioned earlier, we started expanding until about 10 people worked in Mom's house in Rehoboth, most of them parking in the driveway and basically living there. Me, well, of course I lived there to begin with. We worked very hard. Imagine 12 geeky guys staying up until 4am and reviving around noon. Rehoboth was a tiny town with only 10,000 people and tons of forest, a bit of Iowa plunked into Massachusetts. What a strange place to start a company in!

The olthoi was the first monster
written for Asheron's Call

Larry wearing sunglasses at night

Coding, coding, coding...
Here's my brother Scott Monsarrat, my first employee, crammed into the basement. Eventually we had 4 people working down here.

The artists took over the family room.

A beautiful sunset, as seen indoors from
the artists room.