The Turbine Story: Demo Day

Demo Day

Before we spoke with any publishers, we gave "internal" demos to businesspeople friendly to the company. This is a fun story that I also include as a chapter in my forthcoming book, Soulburners. Johnny Monsarrat, Jeremy Gaffney, Tim Miller, and Toby Ragaini are featured.

The demo of a man walking through a simple
house, with the user interface laid out.

Tim describes one of the technologies that
gives our company an edge over the competition.

We learned a lot about running a business through preparing for these demos. Here we get salmon as a reward.

Celebrating after the demo. Zach, Larry,
Scott, Toby, Chris, Jeremy.

We stuck to a "no demo code" rule, meaning that we would never write throw-away software just for a demo.

We're working so hard, people
start sleeping here.